Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why you don’t have to leave your dignity at the door

As a first-time mum finding out your pregnant can feel as if your world has been turned upside down, flipped right over and shaken about. No matter how happy you feel it is inevitable that the happiness is going to also be mixed with a range of other emotions.

If dealing with the news, hormones, body changes and morning sickness isn’t enough other people’s comments can make pregnancy a slightly overwhelming experience.
There is something about being pregnant that attracts the well-meaning advice of complete and utter strangers.

The comment that stayed with me throughout my whole pregnancy was

Leave your dignity at the door”

This comment shook me up beyond belief and led me to so many late night worried questions.

Why would I not feel dignified?

Will I not be treated with dignity?

Was birth really that bad?

I truly believe that no woman should leave her dignity at the door. There is no reason to ever feel undignified during birth. Women should be idolised for their amazing ability to bring life into this world. No matter how our babies are born, you have created life. Growing a baby for 9 months is no easy job.

This quote by Ina May Gaskin couldn’t be more spot on

“If a woman doesn’t look like a Goddess in labour then someone isn’t treating her right”

It’s time to think about the words and language we use around pregnant women. Words are more powerful than you might think.

Inform yourself. Know your options. Hold your head up high & keep your dignity.

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